06 Nisan 2007


According to the geographer Strabo of Amasya, Halicarnassus was founded by Anthes, son of Poseidon. In A.D. 26 Halicarnassus envoys came to Rome in order to convince the emperor Tiberius to have the temple to be erected in his name is Halicarnassus, on the ground that for 1200 yeras their cities had not felt the shock of an earthquake.This would put the foundation of the city right after the Trojen war. Strabo disagrees with this and claims that Halicarnassus,was not is existence in the first quarter of the XI. Century B.C. The traveller and geographer Pausanias points out that the founder of the city was the grandchild of Aention, who was the son of Anthes. The Dorians, use the islands are their stepping-stone arrived to south-west anatolia around 1000 B.C. After many waves of Dorian migrations following each other, the new-comers were forced the settle on the coast. The first settlement in Halicarnassus was on rocky little island where the castle stands today.The island called Zephyria in those days, Zephyros meaning western wind, is joined with the mainland today. Halicarnassus, with three other cities joined the six-city Dorian league called Hexapolis.The cult center of the league was the Triopian Apollo temple at Deveboynu near Cnidus. Meeting hear periodically, the league discuss matters concerning economy and politics. Festivals were also held in honour of Apollo.

Halicarnassus was expelled from the Dorian Hexapolis shortly before the Persian invasion in 546 B.C. The story has told by Herodotus is that a certain man called Agasicles From Halicarnassus recived a bronze tripod as his prize after winning a victory in a game held in honour of Apollo Agasicles disregarded the rule which required him to dedicate the prize on the sport to Apollo, took it home with him and hung it up in his house.The other cities of the Hexahapolis; Lindus, Lalysus, Camirus, Cos, and Cdinus, claiming that this action was an insult to the god, expelled Halicarnassus from the league.This of cours was apretext; the real reason baing the increasing jealously felt againts Halicarnassus rising power.After this event Halicarnassus quicly became lonion in culture.This is confirmed by the works of Herodotos who wrote in lonian dialect, as did is uncle Panyasis, the epic poet.

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